Will Harris frequently appears on YouTube Channels and Podcasts to be a source of transparent and reliable information about animal welfare, regenerative farming, and rural revival. We know how important it is to reach conscious consumers wherever open-minded, science-based conversations are happening. That's why we want you to be able to hear straight from an experienced regenerative farmer whether you read our blog, subscribe to our YouTube Channel or listen to Will Harris PodCast appearances below on your favorite device.

Recent Appearances

Joe Rogan Experience #1389

In the process of debunking the film Gamechangers, Joe and Chris Kresser talk about the myths and misleading environmental claims used by fake meat companies to justify their expansion of carbon-emitting agribusiness. During the wide-ranging conversation, they discuss White Oak Pastures groundbreaking Life Cycle Analysis showing our cattle sequester 3.5 lbs of carbon for every pound of grassfed beef produced. Along the way, they make several insightful points about overall animal welfare (biodiversity) and soil health.

CNN Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Watch as Will Harris debunks the fake meat industry’s impossible claims on CNN International ‘The Future Of Meat’ by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

The Meatcast by EPIC Provisions

If you’re interested in a deeper look at EPIC’s sourcing, this is the episode for you. Our main guest is Will Harris from White Oak Pastures, the gold standard of EPIC's ranching/farming partners. Will and I cover the following topics and plenty more in only the way Will Harris can…

  • His switch from industrial farming to regenerative agriculture
  • Why my lawn looks like shit
  • Why today’s food “revolution” is dependent on the consumer
  • Why the NYTimes and NPR’s Planet Money recently visited the farm
  • Will’s disdain for big company cowardice

Primal Edge Health

Thanks to Primal Ege Health for inviting Will Harris to discuss the important differences between regenerative farming and how industrially-farmed proteins are produced. Will also tells the story of how our carbon-negative Life Cycle Assessment was conducted.

Human Performance Outliers

In this episode, Will Harris from White Oaks Pastures joins the show to explain how he used vertical integration methods to create a carbon sink that produces a negative carbon output on the White Oak Pastures farm.

Human Performance Outliers Podcast with Will Harris

Sustainable Dish

Will Harris of White Oak Pastures, about changes in farming over the generations, what's important at White Oak Pastures, and the moral and environmental arguments for meat-eating.

Sustainable Dish Episode 21 Will Harris of White Oak Pastures

Quivira Coalition

Converting From Industrial To Regenerative Agriculture: White Oak Pastures

Since the end of the civil war, White Oak Pastures has been in the Harris family, but their farming practices have ranged from 19th-century subsistence farming to post-war industrial agriculture — and now larger scale regenerative farming. Will Harris has created a closed-loop, no-waste farm, whose goals include providing healthy food raised in a healthy manner, humane animal welfare practices, and revitalization of the rural community where they’re rooted.

Listen Converting From Industrial To Regenerative Agriculture

The Farm Report Ep. 197

“Cows were born to roam and graze; hogs were born to root and wallow; chicken were born to scratch and peck. All these are instinctive behaviors that are inborn, and when we create the factory farm environment, we deprive these animals of that opportunity.” [14:15]
Will Harris on The Farm Report


White Oak Pastures YouTube Videos

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A film by Joe York about Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures Farm in Bluffton, Georgia. Produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Chef Jonah Miller and Kurt Oriol of Iberian Pastures

In 2015, Will Harris partnered with Jaime & Kurt Oriol to form Iberian Pastures and be among the first to welcome Iberian Hogs, a Spanish national treasure, to the United States. In this video chef Jonah Miller, from Huertas NYC prepares 4 different dishes using Iberico Pork Presa, Bacon, Fresh Chorizo, and Papada (Jowl Bacon). When trying our Iberico Pork for the first time, you can be sure that you will experience the delicious marbling and umami flavor of Iberico finished on pecans, peanuts, and sunflower. You'll also be making a conscious decision to support regenerative farming.

How to Cook Grassfed Beef and Bone Broth Stew: Halloween Edition!

This Halloween, what could be more frightening than an empty stomach? Fill up on this delicious Grassfed Beef and Bone Broth Stew to keep the hunger ghouls at bay!

The Battle of the Burgers: Plant Based Protein vs 100% Grass Fed Beef

We set out to tackle one of today's most popular questions: Do plant-based burgers taste like real meat? How would a popular brand of plant-based burgers fare in a taste test against our 100% grassfed beef burgers? We took the challenge to 28 volunteers to find out! The results probably won't surprise you.

Unboxing White Oak Pastures Complete Breakfast Kit

This Halloween, what could be more frightening than an empty stomach? Fill up on this delicious Grassfed Beef and Bone Broth Stew to keep the hunger ghouls at bay!


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