When shipped within our ground network:

  • Orders over $100 to $399 in product value will be shipped for a flat rate of $9.95.
  • Orders $100 or less in product value will be shipped for a flat rate of $39.95.
  • Orders totaling $400 or more will be shipped at no charge.      
  • Any order containing only non-perishables will be shipped for a flat rate of $9.95 nationwide.
  • All orders outside our ground network must be upgraded to express shipping due to the amount of time they would be in transit. These shipping totals are calculated per pound per mile.

All shoppers now have the option to upgrade to our compostable coolers. A 10% charge will be calculated from the order's product total and added to the final invoice. This upgrade fee does not affect the flat rate shipping rate outlined above, and only covers the cost of the shipping container.

What shipping provider do you use?

We ship via FedEx. 

What if some of the items I want to purchase are out of stock?

Seasonality and weather take part in the way we farm, which affects what items are available from time to time. If you find an item that is out of stock, please click ‘Notify Me When Available.’ When we add more inventory to this particular item, you will receive an email reminder that this item is now available.

We make use of every part of the animals we slaughter. Whether making compost from bones or jewelry from leather, we respect the sacrifice that took place to provide pasture-raised meats to our customers. This method of whole carcass butchery keeps us from mass producing any one item. While some view it as inconvenient, keep in mind--we are farmers, who take great pride in natural production systems and regenerative agriculture. We promise that all items will be restocked, and are committed to keeping your favorite products available as much as possible.

Can you ship to my post office box?

We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Please make sure you verify that the shipping address is correct and can be delivered to. If you have special instructions, please add them in the comment section when you checkout. Once your order leaves our farm, we can not control what the shipping company does, so making sure the address and delivery details are correct before we ship is very important.

When can I expect my order?

All orders are packed on our farm, not in some order fulfillment center in the middle of the country. We are a small farm, so we don't have an elaborate warehouse or a high-tech inventory system. Vertical Integration means all functions are kept at White Oak Pastures, where we raise, slaughter, butcher, and package all of the species we offer to our customers. Due to the perishable nature of our products, we ship on Monday through Friday. This means your packages may be delivered over the weekend. If you are traveling or have plans to be out of town, please note this in the comments section of your order. It is the customer's responsibility to let us know if they won't be home to retrieve a package.

We try to process every order within 7 to 10 days, if not sooner. You will get an email with tracking information as soon as your order leaves our farm.

How is my order kept cold during the shipping process?

Each box shipped from our farm contains an insulated cooler, packed with dry ice to keep it cold. Each item is wrapped in paper to protect it from the dry ice and friction in transit.

Can I return my shipping cooler?

Unfortunately, food safety rules and regulations will not allow us to reuse the shipping coolers. Shipping coolers can be reused or re-purposed for many projects, even donated to a local food pantry or shelter to reuse. We also love some of these ideas or this outdoor cat shelter. They make great fishing coolers!

Will my order still be frozen if I choose to upgrade to a compostable cooler?

Yes, the Green Cell foam insulated shipping coolers are now available to protect white oak pastures' frozen and perishable products during shipment. The perfect combination of sustainable technology, thermal performance, and shock protection, these shipping coolers have thermal protection equal to polystyrene inch-for-inch.

Manufacturing Green Cell foam requires 70% less energy and produces 80% less greenhouse gas than petroleum-based foams. It is also backyard compostable, biodegradable and water-soluble (ASTM d6400 and BPI certified). The primary raw material is U.S. Grown, non-GMO cornstarch, an annually renewable resource.

We tested these coolers alongside our styrofoam option, and they performed degree-for-degree in comparison.

A 10% charge will be added to the product total of your final invoice to cover the additional expense. To start receiving shipments in green cell insulated coolers, simply start shopping and click the green button during checkout.

How do I dispose of my green cell cooler foam?

Green Cell Plus takes 3-panel sections of green cell foam and envelops them in a polyethylene film to provide an effective barrier against moisture and humidity. The plastic film is readily recyclable in most communities. Tear the film and remove the green cell foam panels. Recycle the film with other #4 plastics. Place the Green Cell foam panels in any compost pile or yard waste container, dissolve them in a sink or bucket of water, or use as a fire starter.

For more disposal information, please click here.

Will my order be shipped frozen?

Most of our products are frozen prior to being shipped. This ensures the meat arrives at your home at a safe temperature. If a product is ordered that is not frozen prior to shipping, for an expedited order, for example, it will be chilled as much as possible before being packed with gel packs.  

What if my order is partially thawed upon receipt?

It is possible that a portion of your order may not arrive completely frozen, especially when the weather is very warm.  We suggest consuming any beef within 7 days and any poultry within 3 Days. If any of your order is warm to the touch, we suggest discarding that portion and giving us a call. We take food safety and shipping our products very seriously. We take as many measures as possible to ensure your order arrives in a safe condition.

Will my eggs be shipped with my frozen items?

We ship our unwashed eggs in a separate container. They do not require refrigeration and are shipped as non-perishables. Sometimes large orders with multiple packages get separated in transit. If your eggs do not arrive within 1 day of the rest of your order, track your package on the shipping company website or app, or call us and we can track it for you.

How long will my package be in transit?

We will only allow a package of perishable product to be in transit for three consecutive days.  Keep in mind that we are shipping from our farm in the southeast corner of the united states. If your order

Cannot be received within 3 days using ground shipping, our website will not allow you to choose ground as the shipping option. If you are given the option for ground, it will get there within 3 days of shipping.  If you are not given the ground option, you must use 2day air service or overnight service. If you have any concerns regarding shipping, please contact our office for additional details.

Shipping time in transit from White Oak Pastures.

How will I know when my order has shipped?

We are farmers, not e-commerce experts, but we have learned a lot about shipping perishable products through the mail. We believe that communication is the key to success. With that being said, you will receive a confirmation email when you place your order. We will also notify you when your order has shipped and send you a tracking number for your package.

Where can you ship?

We ship throughout the 48 contiguous states, to any address that FedEx can deliver.

How does air shipping work?

All upgraded air orders will ship at the estimated rate given through the online store calculations.

Do I have to sign for my package?

No, your package will be left at your destination address with no signature necessary. Once it's dropped off at the address you provided, it will be your responsibility. You can request a signature by noting in the comment section of your order.

Can you ship a side or whole beef?

At this time we are unable to offer shipping for a side or whole beef order. All custom side and whole beef orders must be picked up at White Oak Pastures.

 Can a product be returned?

Once meat leaves our farm, we are not able to accept returns. When dealing with a perishable product, ensuring that the cold chain was never broken is required. When it leaves our hands, we are unable to guarantee that the product is safe for resell.